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Зерновые технологии - Специализированная выставка инновационных решений в зерновом хозяйстве Зерновые технологии - Специализированная выставка инновационных решений в зерновом хозяйстве

international exhibition
of innovative
in grain business

Drying corn: ways to increase effectiveness and profitability

Advice and recommendations from a participant of Grain Tech Expo – Malovyskivskyi plant of drying and elevator equipment (MZEO)

Season by season the agrarian, who sows corn on his fields, solves a very important question: how to grow corn, and then process it in a correct way. Because “the field queen” is quite a popular crop in Ukraine with a high export potential. Now growing corn has become harder: due to climate changes some agrarians faced the problem of finding suitable new hybrids for a particular household, trying new technologies. Therefore if you managed to grow good yield – you have to take good care of it. The most important task is not to spoil corn while drying. Viktor Babichev, Head of plant-manufacturer of dryers MZEO, and Maksym Chmyr, Co-owner of private scientific-manufacturing company “UNIS”, give practical and theoretical consultations regarding grain drying.


The secret of corn drying lies in a gradual increase of temperature of dryer’s agent, then corn gives off humidity better, - Viktor Babichev advises. The more heating zones there are – the better it is.

- Sometimes operators of a dryer, whose wage is connected with tonnage, in a hurry increase the temperature to its maximum – over 120°C. In this case corn closes pores, the grain cracks, but remains humid inside. Provide heating in two zones: in the first – a low temperature of 70°C, in the second - 105°C. The grain hardens and corn prepares for drying: it heats up better, there is no shock.

The example of such an equipment in MZEO is one-module dryer “SAPPHIRE”. The model has 2 heating zones and will be sufficient for a small household. It is worth mentioning that such dryers reduce humidity by over 35% in one run. Thanks to the grain drying technology “cross-flow”, in the process of drying a heated air is supplied perpendicularly to the grain, which is moving in a dryer. And the control system of fuel supply allows keeping the necessary drying mode (precisely, up to 1°C ). However, if you want to increase effectiveness of operation, or the volume of grain for drying has grown, then you can add a few grain columns or an extra module. It is easy to do in “SAPPHIRE”, because this dryer is a transformer.

Two and three-module “SAPPHIRE” have invertors, where in order to ensure a qualitative dryin, grain moves in a criss-cross way. Such dryers eliminate humidity better. The more heating zones there are – the better it is. Thanks to the separated heating chambers and mixing of grain during its move from the upper to the lower module it is possible to heat up the grain gradually, which improves its quality.

“SAPPHIRE” has been actively used in a household in Velyki Yerchyky Village (Kyiv Oblast) for 5 years, in particular, for corn. Maksym Chmyr tells that they use the dryer of model 1082 with 8 sections.

- It is very reliable and worth the money. For all these years I almost have no comments to its work. The guys used to have some problems with gas valves, but we changes them, even without addressing the maintenance service. Now we dry 20% humid grain. The productivity depends on timely supply of grain. When there are delays, we dry 240 t/da, if there are no delays – over 300 t/day. The agrarian recollects that last year they dried 240 t/ day of 26% humid grain, while the planned amount was 200 t/day.

Our technology is to clear corn from ears, stones before drying, though it can damage some grain, but we cannot omit clearing, since different objects can be found among grain, we even found a hammer once. Can you imagine what would have happened if it had got inside?

There is sense to clear grain after drying if the amount of damaged grain exceeds the norm, or there are some weeds, or the grain got damaged after drying. Corn is a clear crop, in 80-90% of cases the grain complies with requirements of DSTU.

- Choose “SAPPHIRE” because a dryer plays important role for correct drying. Our dryer is made of a high-quality material, inner and outer sieves are made of stainless steel. It provides a qualitative result both with corn, and with other crops. Besides, it is great that if needed to increase productivity, it is possible to add modules or grain columns to the dryer.

➡Silos for grain storage;
➡Frameless hangars;
➡Active ventilation silos;
➡Elevator noria;
➡Flight conveyor;).
➡Humidity sensor VV-01P;
➡Renovation and re-equipment of your grain dryers.
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