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Зерновые технологии - Специализированная выставка инновационных решений в зерновом хозяйстве Зерновые технологии - Специализированная выставка инновационных решений в зерновом хозяйстве

international exhibition
of innovative
in grain business

Zavod reshitkovoho nastylu (Plant of gratings) at Grain Tech Expo

Zavod reshitkovoho nastylu (Plant of gratings) is the only Ukrainian company of complete cycle, solely specialized on design and manufacture of gratings of various types for agricultural households, manufacturing companies, enterprises of petroleum, chemical and building industries.

ZRN is not just a supplier of gratings, but a company that provides a full range of services connected with it: from design and production to their mounting.

Gratings are a modern construction material that is used in building industry for covering of operating platforms, connecting gangways, passageways, and various flights. Besides, gratings are widely used as an element of fencing, in storage rack systems, systems of overland sewerage etc. Thanks to its construction peculiarities gratings have such properties as high load-bearing capacity together with its light weight, the best anti-corrosion coating made with the help of hot galvanizing method, which ensures long operation period, and comply with all safety norms and have perfect antiskid properties.

Nowadays gratings are used almost everywhere and there application solely depends on imagination and ideas of architects, builders and designers. Based on the methods of production, we distinguish between welded and pressed gratings.

Welded gratings consist of a load bearing bar and cross bar and are produced on automated line with the method of smith-press welding. Gratings are characterized with particular strength and solid construction, as well as high antiskid properties.

Pressed gratings also consist of bearing bars, but as a connecting element a thinner bar, which was pressed into previously made slots in a bearing bar, is used. It is mainly used for decorative purposes, or when there is a need to make minimum distance between slots.

ZRN offers the widest range of products that are in demand on the market. Our equipment allows producing gratings with bearing bars from 20х2 mm to 70х6 mm, and slots from 25 mm to 101 mm. Gratings by ZRN comply with all European norms DIN 24531, DIN 4537, RAL-GZ 638 and American national standard MBG 531-09.

Geography of delivery of ZRN gratings is expanding every day. Today we are leaders in production of welded gratings in Ukraine, and we are discovering new prospects on European markets. The number of ZRN partners is increasing noticeably, and our dealer network is expanding step by step as well. Our partners and customers trust us because ZRN just in the first year of its operation proved to be a reliable manufacturer of gratings with high-quality products and the best prices on the market.

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New venue:

International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02660 Kyiv, Ukraine
Metro station "Livoberezhna"


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The venue of exhibition:

International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarskyi Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine
Metro station "Livoberezhna"
To submit an application for participation in the exhibition, please contact:

Tel./fax: +380 44 490 64 69
E-mail: Image "B-13"
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001